Carole CoteCarole Côté has many years experience working with finances, specializing most recently in the investment industry, and previously in retail and federal government. She combines accounting expertise and in-depth financial analysis with a conservative investment philosophy to help clients achieve their long-term financial goals.

Carole strongly believes that a well informed person will find the key to financial security. Her mantra is: “In the world of finances, people don’t know what they don’t know” and she wants to help as many people as she can by sharing her expertise. She strongly believes that if no business can survive without sound corporate financials, then neither can an individual’s personal finances.

Carole offers comprehensive financial planning for individuals, business owners and professionals. Her credentials attest to her dedication to keeping informed, enabling her to better help her clients achieve financial independence.

  • Licensed to sell Mutual Funds and GIC’s through TEN STAR Financial Inc., my sponsoring Mutual Fund Dealer and MFDA Member.
  • Licensed to sell Insurance and Segregated Funds as Life Insurance Agent through my contracting with TEN STAR Life Insurance Brokers Inc. and PPI Solutions.

  • Designations:
    • Certified Financial Planner (CFP)
    • Certified Management Accountant (CMA)

She is professionally affiliated to the following organizations:


Planning Focus

My goal is to provide unbiased, personalized financial advice, solutions, and services to enable my clients to achieve their individual goals and ensure financial independence, retirement security and wealth preservation for future generations.

It is important to develop a personal financial plan. Therefore I will assess your individual goals.

I will then suggest solutions that will enable you to reach your goals. I have access to a wide range of mutual funds, segregated funds, life insurance and living benefits. I can also provide you the best rates available for your GICs. With such a diversified selection, I will help you reach financial independence sooner.

I believe in strategic planning

Being contracted with TEN STAR Financial Inc. as a Mutual Fund Representative and TEN STAR Life Insurance Brokers Inc. as a Life Insurance Agent, my mandate is to develop the best strategies as I design your financial plan.

No one company or product can possibly meet all my clients' goals. Therefore I do not represent any single life insurance company, trust company, bank, or mutual fund company. This helps me to stay focused on strategies that will best serve you.

At TEN STAR, you, the client comes first.



As a Tenstar Financial Services representative, I offer personal financial planning solutions and work closely with tax lawyers and other specialists in putting together special strategies to minimize tax and preserve wealth.


Services Offered to FAMILY UNITS and INDIVIDUALS

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Mutual Funds and GICs are offered through TEN STAR Financial Inc., my sponsoring Mutual Fund Dealer and MFDA Member. Life Insurance Products, including Segregated Funds are offered through TEN STAR Life Insurance Brokers Inc.